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Terms between AdsPtp.com and its « members ».

Between the parties:

The company Coignard, siret 47851165200040,, owner of AdsPtp.com, 6 rue du jardin, 53340 saint brice, France.

You or & laquo; Member & raquo;, hereinafter referred to as a member.

How does this work ?

The operating principle of AdsPtp is based on revenue sharing. You earn points by distributing your promotional page or tags. Your points are converted each month in cash following the income generated by all of the members.

Release conditions :

The member is paid as follows:

He earns 1 point for displaying a banner tag.
He earns 3 points for viewing the promotion page.
He earns 5 points for the siteunder tag.

The member is authorized to display only one tag of each size per page.

If a member try to view several different tag accounts on the same page, only the first tag per format will be count.

It is forbidden to post the promotion page and banners tag simultaneously on the same page.

Payment of earnings:

Payments are made from $ 10 on Paypal or Bitcoin. The payment fees will be borne by the member.

Sponsorship :

By sponsoring you win 50% of earnings from all your referrals.

Purchase advertisements :

You can buy ads through Paypal, CB, Bitcoin or with your account earnings.
All payments are refundable if the member don't use this payment.

Converting points:

In the beginning of each month your points are converted into cash.

Fraud :

To prevent fraud a timer 3 seconds is up, this time in the display will not take into account.

It is strictly forbidden to hide or refresh tags, you incur the risk of definitive closure of your account.

Confidentiality :

You can delete your account at any time by going to the page « Setting ».

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